March 1, 2021


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Best of Route 1 Reader Poll 2020

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Here are the results of the Hyattsville Wire’s fourth annual Best of Route 1 Reader Poll, which largely reflected the different ways we’ve adapted to and experienced life on the Route 1 corridor due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Restaurant With the Best Curbside Pickup: Franklins

A perennial favorite on our reader poll, Franklins won plaudits for its “stay-at-home specials” during the pandemic. Banana Blossom Bistro, SeoulSpice, 2Fifty Texas BBQ and Taqueria Habanero also got a number of votes.

Restaurant With the Best Delivery: Denizens

Riverdale Park brewery Denizens snagged this category thanks to its Beermobile, an early innovation during the pandemic. Franklins, Maryland Meadworks, Bella Indian & Italian in Laurel, and Dumm’s Pizza were also mentioned.

Restaurant With the Best Outdoor Seating: Franklins

Franklins won this category handily thanks to its colorful “Quarantiki Room,” which opened in August. Denizens, Busboys and Poets, The Hall CP, Burton’s Grill & Bar and Pennyroyal Station also received support.

Best Place to Get Coffee for Pickup: Vigilante

With locations in Hyattsville and College Park, local roastery Vigilante Coffee was way ahead in this category, but newcomer Proteus Brews, located inside the bike shop in College Park, picked up a lot of support as well.

Best Route 1 Business Website for Online Shopping: Three Little Birds

The Hyattsville sewing shop was a fan favorite, followed by Proteus Bicycles in College Park, and the nearby Sangfroid Distilling and My Dead Aunt’s Books.

Best Innovation During the Coronavirus: OpenBarre online classes

The College Park fitness studio was far and away the favorite in this category for its online classes, which are uploaded and livestreamed three days a week. Maryland Meadworks’ bicycle delivery service, Franklins‘ tiki bar and Bananas’ outdoor haircuts also got support.

Place You’ve Missed the Most During Lockdowns: OpenBarre

The fitness studio also picked up a lot of support in this category, but readers also missed Franklins general store, playing games at The Board and Brew, eating indoors at their favorite restaurants, and live music at New Deal Cafe and Maryland Meadworks.

Best Place to Spend Time Outdoors While Socially Distancing: Lake Artemesia

The College Park nature area was a favorite spot among readers, who also liked Streetcar 82 Brewing Co.’s outdoor seating, their own backyards, the Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail and the Riversdale House Museum.

Best Place to Take Kids While Socially Distancing: Riversdale House Museum

The Riverdale Park mansion’s wide-open grounds got the nod from harried parents, as did Magruder Park, Lake Artemesia and the Riverdale Park Station playground.

Best Place to Go Running While Socially Distancing: Trolley Trail

The trail that stretches from Hyattsville to College Park was the top vote-getter, followed by Lake Artemesia, Paint Branch Trail, the Anacostia Tributary Trail System, Magruder Park and the University of Maryland campus.

Best Place to Go Biking While Socially Distancing: Anacostia River Trail

The trail that stretches from South Hyattsville into D.C. was the favorite, though bikers also endorsed the Trolley Trail, the Northwest Branch Trail, Lake Artemesia and the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.

Best Yoga Studio Offering Online Instruction: Numi Yoga

The College Park yoga studio won this category, followed by Bee Yoga in Greenbelt and Love Yoga and YogaSpace in Hyattsville.

Best Fitness Studio Offering Online Instruction: OpenBarre

Few winners in any category received as many votes as OpenBarre did for its popular online classes. Posh Fitness in College Park and Crossfit Hyattsville also received votes.

Best Charity or Nonprofit Responding to the Pandemic: Feed Route One

The Feed Route One initiative, which started out as Greater Riverdale Cares and Route One Communities Care, won for connecting struggling restaurants with families struggling during the economic downturn. The College Park Food Bank also won praise.

Best Bookstore: My Dead Aunt’s Books

Located inside Tanglewood Works, My Dead Aunt’s Books won this category handily, followed by the bookstore inside Busboys and Poets.

Best Restaurant: Franklins

No surprise here for the perennial favorite in the readers poll, but 2Fifty Texas BBQ came in surprisingly strong in second place, followed by Banana Blossom Bistro, Taqueria Habanero, Bella Indian and Italian and Riviera Tapas.

Best Pizza: Pizzeria Paradiso

The Hyattsville restaurant won this category overwhelmingly, but the closed-for-now Ledo’s in College Park, Dumm’s Pizza in Riverdale Park and Potomac Pizza in College Park also received votes.

Best Asian Restaurant: Banana Blossom Bistro

The Riverdale Park restaurant was a clear favorite, but Northwest Chinese Food in College Park and Tara Thai in Hyattsville also picked up votes.

Best Latin American Restaurant: Taqueria Habanero

The College Park Mexican restaurant was a clear favorite, but readers also liked Riviera Tapas in Riverdale Park, Azteca Cantina in College Park, Pupuseria El Comalito in Riverdale Park and Cafe Azul/Caracas de Ayer in Hyattsville.

Best Brewery: Streetcar 82 Brewing Co.

The Hyattsville brewery cleaned up in this category, but Franklins and Denizens in Riverdale Park put up strong showings.

Best Distillery: Sangfroid Distilling

The Hyattsville distillery was the clear favorite, but there was also some support for Beltsville’s Shmidt Spirits.

Best Meadery: Maryland Meadworks

Given that it is the only option, it’s worth noting that Maryland Meadworks still got quite a lot of votes in this category.

Best Halal Restaurant: Roma Pizza

The College Park pizzeria was a narrow winner in a category that also included Food Factory in College Park, Aladdin Sizzler in Mount Rainier, the now-closed Krazi Kebob of College Park, Marco & Polo in Hyattsville, Marathon Deli, Mezeh, Spice 6 and Red Chillies.

Best Restaurant for Food Allergy Sufferers: Burton’s Grill & Bar

The Riverdale Park sit-down restaurant picked up a lot of support, as did Banana Blossom Bistro in Riverdale Park, Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville and Gangster Vegan in Riverdale park.

Best Apartment Building: Studio 3807

The new apartment development in Brentwood won this category, with Alloy in College Park and Domain College Park also receiving votes.

Best Piece of Public Art: The ERCO Ercoupe

The airplane soaring above Riverdale Park Station was this year’s winner, followed by the giant blue bear nearby, the Handmade in Hyattsville mural and the Vainglorious Bluebird metal statue near the bridge from Edmonston.

Best Hidden Gem: Various

This category was too eclectic to name a winner, but readers suggested Red Onion Records in Hyattsville, the cricket pitch at Adelphi Manor Community Park, the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation, and the gardens on the University of Maryland campus.

Best Locally Owned Shop: Proteus

The bicycle-slash-coffee-shop in College Park won a lot of votes, as did OpenBarre, Three Little Birds Sewing, Tanglewood Works, Red Onion Records and Arrow Bicycle.

Best Woman-Owned Business: OpenBarre

The College Park fitness studio continued its winning streak, but readers also liked Proteus Bicycles, Tanglewood Works, Posh Fitness, Three Little Birds, Green Owl Design, Shortcake Bakery, Pizzeria Paradiso and Denizens.

Best Bike Shop: Proteus

The College Park bike shop won handily, followed by Arrow Bicycle in Hyattsville and College Park Bicycles.

Best Vintage Shop: Tanglewood Works/Suffragette City

Tanglewood Works and Suffragette City in Hyattsville won an equal number of votes, followed by Community Forklift, Peg Leg Vintage in Beltsville and Uptown Cheapskate in College Park.

Best Grocery Store: Mom’s Organic Market

The College Park grocery store came in first, followed by Whole Foods in Riverdale Park, Lidl in College Park and Yes! Organic in Hyattsville.

Best Community Supported Agriculture: ECO City Farms

The Edmonston farm came in first, with other nods going to Lancaster Farm Fresh, South Mountain Creamery and Owl’s Nest Farm.

Best Veterinarian: Lynn Animal Hospital

Best Musician or Band: The Wild Anacostias

Best Barista: Annie Lemieux at Proteus Brews

Best Doctor: Dr. Michael Berard at Adventist Healthcare

Best Dentist: Dr. Gunita Singh at iSmile Family Dentistry

Best Real Estate Agent: Emily Jackson at Remax

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