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Campfire cooking guideline — Food stuff, recipes, and components

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You cannot proceed doing work on an empty stomach in The Survivalists. Which is why you’ll require to cook food items from all the scraps you’ve discovered on the island. Here’s our cooking mini-information to assist you out.

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The Survivalists: Campfire cooking tutorial

To get started cooking in The Survivalists, you will initial will need to assemble a Campfire via Blueprint Method. This only requires 6x pebbles, but you do need to have 1x timber to stoke the fires.

Note: As soon as the fireplace has long gone out, you get 1x charcoal that can be utilized to activate the Forge.

You can refer to the desk below for the cooking recipes/elements:

Product Required Materials
Monkey Meal (key utilized to befriend monkey companions) 1x petals 1x berries 1x makeshift bowl
Fruit Smoothie 2x berries 2x coconuts 1x palm leaf
Stewed Berries 2x petals 2x berries 1x makeshift bowl
Charred Fish 1x fillet 1x palm leaf
Sweet Fish 2x fillet 2x fruit 1x palm leaf
Crispy Wings 3x bat wing 1x palm leaf
Meat Kebab 2x meat scrap or 1x meat chunk
Fruity Kebab 1x meat chunk 1x timber 2x fruit
Mango Curry 1x makeshift bowl 2x coconut 3x fruit
Sweetened Meat 2x meat chunk 3x berries 1x palm leaf
Scorching Steak 2x steak 2x berries 1x palm leaf

It bears mentioning that the food stuff you cook will have different levels of performance. Some, this kind of as the Fruit Smoothie and Crispy Wings, internet you a large amount of overall health. Other individuals, these kinds of as Meat Kebabs, at any time so a bit satiate your hunger.

All in all, the Campfire has first rate selections, but you might want to generate a Cooking Pot afterwards to have additional things you can prepare dinner. The Cooking Pot is also utilised to produce steaks and clean water (for Elixirs that shield you from unsafe terrain).

That does it for our cooking mini-information for The Survivalists. You can return to our principal guide for the game’s crafting mechanics.

The Survivalists campfire cooking guide food ingredients recipes

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