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Valheim cooking and foods information — Foods to assistance with therapeutic and survival

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As stated in our beginner’s tutorial, Valheim‘s therapeutic program is directly tied to food stuff. Here’s our cooking and therapeutic guide with far more suggestions to assistance you out.

Notice: Valheim is currently an Early Accessibility title. As such, mechanics and material could adjust in because of class. For extra info, check out our Valheim guides and characteristics hub.


Valheim: Suggestions for cooking and healing

Make guaranteed you have a hammer (3x wooden and 2x stone). In the construct menu’s miscellaneous tab, you can plop down a campfire (2x wooden and 5x stone).

The campfire has to be put on soil or natural rocks, and it doesn’t demand a nearby Workbench. However, you do will need to position a thatched roof previously mentioned it if you want to reduce it from heading out when it rains.

Take note: Being in just assortment of the campfire keeps you heat and prevents you from getting chilly at evening. If you establish a mattress, you are going to also require a campfire close by. Finally, you may possibly toss a lot more wood to continue to keep the flames burning.

As for cooking, you need a cooking station (2x wood) and it has to have a campfire beneath it. Many cooking stations can be placed over the exact same campfire, which is useful if you want to cook dinner loads of food promptly.

To prepare dinner foodstuff, all you will need to do is press the “E” essential. You may also drag a uncooked product to a numbered slot in your inventory, then push that keybind. The food items is cooked once you listen to that crisp sizzle.

Note 1: If you keep foodstuff products cooking for much too prolonged, they’ll inevitably convert into coal. It is a source utilised for the Forge.

Note 2: Consider to have a chimney or air flow program in your constructed residence. The smoke can turn into unbearable, primary to your character’s asphyxiation and death.

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The well being you get depends on which varieties of food items you eat. For instance, berries will only give you a smaller amount of HP. But, cooked meat could give you a ton more. As for exactly where you are going to obtain some food stuff in Valheim‘s early-sport practical experience:

  • Berries and mushrooms – Berries can be picked from shrubs (press “E” although hovering your cursor more than the fruits), and mushrooms are on the floor or in the vicinity of tree roots.
  • Neck Tail – These are dropped by lizards named Necks.

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You’re constrained to feeding on only three various kinds of meals at any offered position in time. Much later in your Valheim journey, though, you can ferment mead drinks with buffs that are impartial of food items health and fitness regen.

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Valheim is out there on Steam as portion of the Early Entry software. For more information, verify out our guides and capabilities hub.

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